Uber, Lyft and Super Shuttle Have Exited Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport Airport Transportation Options

Uber, Lyft and Super Shuttle Have Exited Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport Airport Transportation Options

Uber, Lyft, Execucar and Super Shuttle users must now search for reliable, safe and affordable transportation to and from Phoenix Sky Harbor. With the closure of Super Shuttle and with Uber and Lyft pulling out of Phoenix Sky Harbor local travelers are left with a few options.

One option is to create an account with a local service such as Anthem Shuttle, who provides shared ride services along with EXECUCAR type private sedan and SUV services. Anthem Shuttle’s Shared Ride rates are similar to uberx, lyft or Super Shuttle but much more reliable and convenient. Anthem Shuttle has one of if not the highest Google Review rating of any transportation service in the Phoenix Area. Anthem Shuttle picks up at your home, office or hotel and along with pickup service at Phoenix Sky Harbor.

To determine if Anthem Shuttle is a right fit for you and your travel needs please visit www.anthemshuttle.com. Complete the online quote form to determine approximate rate, description of services along with DISCOUNT CODES which can be used when booking online or via our mobile app.

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Anthem Shuttle LLC vs Super Shuttle in Phoenix AZ.

Anthem Shuttle is hoping you’ll book with them the next time you need reliable and affordable transportation to Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport from your home, hotel or office. Anthem Shuttle is locally owned and operates within 40 miles of Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport. Anthem Shuttle operates their shared ride service a little different than Super Shuttle.

Anthem Shuttle will pick you up in a sedan or suv rather than a blue van. Anthem Shuttle believes the sedan or suv will be a much more comfortable ride compared to a passenger van. You can rest assured when riding with Anthem Shuttle you will not make more than 2 stops if any. You will only have 2-3 other passengers in the suv with you. Anthem Shuttle does not allow drivers or passengers to smoke while in the shuttle or while entering the shuttle.

Anthem Shuttle rates are very comparable to Super Shuttle. Typically Anthem Shuttle’s rate to/from Phoenix SKy Harbor are $5-$10 more than Super Shuttle. Anthem Shuttle stated the fact that your pick up window will be 10-15 minutes vs 1-3 hours with Super Shuttle and the fact you’ll arrive from point A to point B within the normal drive time minus multiple stops will entice passengers to pay slightly more.

So the next time you book a flight into or out of Phoenix Sky Harbor book your pick up at the same time at www.anthemshuttle.com or by installing their user friendly app by searching Anthem Shuttle from your mobile device’s app store. The owner and President Art Thompson wants you to know you can still call or email to make your bookings.








Anthem Shuttle a locally owned Airport Shuttle transportation service is expanding to the North Valley. They currently operate out of Anthem AZ and service New River, Black Canyon City, Tramanto, Desert Hills and the North Phoenix area. Soon residents traveling to Phoenix Sky Harbor or Phoenix Mesa Gateway airports will have a 5 star service to choose from.

Anthem Shuttle can pick up individuals from the Desert Mountain, Cave Creek, Carefree and Troon areas of the North Valley. Anthem Shuttle has proven they air the premier service for airport rides. Offering private sedan and suv service for the executive to shared ride services for the budget minded traveler.

Anthem Shuttle is licensed for pickup and drop off at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport.

Anthem Shuttle has a great mobile booking app for airport transportation. Simply install the app by searching Anthem Shuttle from your mobile device. Create and account and provide your credit card information and book your upcoming ride. Please prearrange your ride 24 hours of more in advance for a 100% guarantee.

100% success rate on getting assenger to the airport on time. Not a single passenger has ever missed a flight for any reason. Anthem Shuttle has professional knowledgeable drivers of the entire valley. When missing your flight isn’t an option, you’ll want to schedule with Anthem Shuttle.

Shuttle rates to Phoenix Sky Harbor can be found at www.anthemshuttle.com/client/booking/. With some of the lowest airport shuttle rates in Phoenix you’ll want to become a passenger / client to Anthem Shuttle immediately. You have many choices for Airport Transportation in the grater Phoenix Area. The next time you need a ride to the airport think Anthem Shuttle


How much does it cost for a ride to Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport?

If you’re looking for transportation option from your home or hotel to Phoenix SKy Harbor Airport you have several choices. Choices are broken down between RELIABILITY, SAFETY, COST and RATING.

Looking to get a quote for your next trip? Click here to use our online fare quote tool now!

For the past 6 years, Anthem Shuttle has been providing reliable, discount airport transportation services to and from local airports in the Phoenix AZ area. and, more recently we added a shared ride option for the budget conscious airport traveler. Anthem Shuttle is your option between public transit, uber/lyft, taxi cabs and executive ar pricing.

While prices vary based on your mileage and travel time from your desired airport, Anthem Shuttle would like to give you an example of the typical cost for a ride to the airport from one of our most highly-trafficked area of maricopa County, Anthem AZ.

To keep things even, we’ve chosen a pick-up location at random, and we’ll run the cost of a single-rider trip. The pick-up location is the popular Hampton Inn located in Anthem AZ, the major airport drop-off will be Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport.

At a glance, here’s how pricing breaks down. Read on for more details on fare quotes and variations.

Public Transit

Unfortunately Public Transit isn’t valley wide. The Anthem AZ area or North Phoenix area is approximately 35 miles or 40 minutes from Phoenix Sky Harbor. You would need to have a friend drive you to the Park and ride on Happy Valley rd to take Public Transit.

Estimated Cost: UNAVAILABLE

Pros: Doesn’t operate this area, no benefit

Cons: Loading and unloading of luggage; dependent on local public transit operating hours and timeliness, including the risk of strike, and more cushion time is needed to arrive at the airport on time.

Anthem Shuttle Shared Ride Option

By entering the pick-up and drop-off points into our fare quote tool, it looks like the cost of a trip back to the airport for 1-2 passenger is $75.

Estimated Cost: $70-80 USD including tip. 

Pros: Affordable, Reliable, Safe

Cons: Anthem Shuttle eliminates the cons. Anthem Shuttle only allow 1 additional stop prior to arriving at the airport. .

Taxi Cab

According to Taxi Fare Finder, the estimated fare for this 36-mile trek is $82.33, or $83.70 and $89.67 based on light or heavy traffic. Gratuity is not added.

Estimated Cost: $82.33 USD without tip.

Pros: Direct transportation to and from.

Cons: Higher cost and reliance on cab availability, variable pricing dependent on traffic.

Uber/Lyft x-xl-select-black-suv

Uber and Lyft have several options. Uber x is the least expensive but has the lowest rating. Drivers are typically not professional drivers and are only working the system part time. Same goes for xl and select drivers. Rate from Anthem AZ range between $56 for uber x – $79 for Uber xl – $99 for Uber select – $135 Uber black and as high as $180 for Uber suv.

Estimated Cost: $56 USD without tip.

Pros: Direct transportation to and from. Flat rate, not dependent on traffic conditions. Luxury sedan and service.

Cons: Uber drivers and vehicles have a star rating below 3. Be prepared for a vehicle in which the driver may be wearing headphones and not pay attention to you, may be or have recently smoked in or around the vehicle. Drivers understand you probably never ride with them again so they do not go out of their way to impress.


As you can see,ANTHEM SHUTTLE pricing in this market is the most cost effective of either a cab or a sedan. Occasionally, we are even cheaper than public transportation options. When you factor in the stress of hauling luggage around or the limited hours of operations of many public bus and rail lines, it means you’re saving more than just a couple of dollars, you’re saving stress.

Just as there are some cases where we are cheaper than public transportation, there are some cases where our shared-ride service is less than a cab.

Finally, even though we are technically a discount transportation option by default we can also provide executive style accomodations for a slightly higher rate than our Shared Ride Option but less than the Phoenix Market for executive black car services


Anthem Shuttle Offers A Mobile App To Compete With Uber, Lyft and Super Shuttle In The Phoenix market

Anthem Shuttle is a local airport transfer service in the Phoenix area. Offering private and shared ride service from your home, hotel, business to all local airports, Phoenix Sky Harbor and Phoenix Mesa Gateway Airports being the ones most serviced.

As a leader in the social media reviews rankings Anthem Shuttle has proven to provide excellent customer service. They have no known complaints with the State of AZ or the city of Phoenix. Unlike Uber, Lyft or Super Shuttle who drivers undergo a minimum background check and who’s primary job isn’t to take care of you, the passenger.

Anthem Shuttle can provide pick up service with in the hour but for best practice you will want to prearrange earlier than later. With the ability to transfer 1-56 passengers Anthem Shuttle is your go to Airport Shuttle company when needing reliable, comfortable and affordable airport transportation.

Anthem Shuttle has a direct line with the decision maker being in Phoenix, not London or San Francisco or Buffalo. They are right here to return that lost cell phone prior to departure or that lost stuffed animal your daughter can sleep without after you arrive home at 1am. Trust Anthem Shuttle to always error on the side of the client. Our goal is to turn your first ride into hundreds more over the course of our relationship.

Install our app today by searching Anthem Shuttle from your mobile app store. Your find that All American Logo/

 We believe you have the freedom to choose and we hope you choose Anthem Shuttle.




Airport Transportation to Local Phoenix Hotels

Airport Transportation to Local Phoenix Hotels

Airport Transportation to Local Phoenix Hotels

Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport is located at 3400 E Sky Harbor Blvd, Phoenix, AZ 85034. The location is at the far East side of Phoenix, far West side of Tempe, just South of Paradise Valley and Scottsdale AZ. I guess you could say it is centrally located in the Valley of the Sun.

Phoenix Sky Harbor offers many forms of ground transportation for the traveler who is arriving into Phoenix or exiting Phoenix.

You have shuttle services like Anthem Shuttle who provide private pick up and drop off along with share ride service where you actually share a ride from your pick up location to your destination. the shared ride is more economically priced but is obviously slightly more inconvenient. Anthem Shuttle is locally owned. With a locally owned service you are more than a person in a seat. Anthem Shuttle wants to gain your trust for future needs.

You have the traditional taxi service. Taxi services by nature try to work as many pick up and drop offs as possible. Vehicles are not as clean and the drivers aren’t and welcoming.

You have shuttle that operate out of the area. This means they travel outside the metropolitan area. They travel from Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport to cities such as Yuma, Prescott, Flagstaff, Tucson and Sedona. You will generally be in a van type vehicle with up to 15 other passengers. Very economical but not very comfy.

Anthem Shuttle picks passengers up at the home or hotel when traveling to the airport and at specific locations once you arrive into Phoenix Sky Harbor.

Terminal 4 Anthem Shuttle pick up location is outside door 3 North from the baggage claim area across the crosswalk to the outer median occupied by commercial vehicles. Onc on the median you’ll see 3 benches just to your right. Your driver will pull up and off you go.

Terminal 3 Anthem Shuttle pick up location is outside door 9 North from the baggage claim area. Like at terminal 4 you’ll also walk across the crosswalk to the outer median. You’ll stay slightly to your right just in front of the taxi cabs. Your vehicle will pull up to that area.

Terminal 2 Anthem Shuttle will mostly meet you inside the terminal at the baggage claim area. Terminal 2 is the smallest of the 3 terminals and extremely easy to find your driver.

To reserve a ride with Anthem Shuttle please go to www.anthemshuttle.com or call 480-251-2967. Anthem Shuttle also has a mobile app for app users. Search Anthem Shuttle from your app store. Look for the red white and blue star logo. Install, create an account and schedule your ride.

Until next time, have a safe flight and please allow Anthem Shuttle to provide you with safe travels once on the ground.