Uber, Lyft, Execucar and Super Shuttle users must now search for reliable, safe and affordable transportation to and from Phoenix Sky Harbor. With the closure of Super Shuttle and with Uber and Lyft pulling out of Phoenix Sky Harbor local travelers are left with a few options.

One option is to create an account with a local service such as Anthem Shuttle, who provides shared ride services along with EXECUCAR type private sedan and SUV services. Anthem Shuttle’s Shared Ride rates are similar to uberx, lyft or Super Shuttle but much more reliable and convenient. Anthem Shuttle has one of if not the highest Google Review rating of any transportation service in the Phoenix Area. Anthem Shuttle picks up at your home, office or hotel and along with pickup service at Phoenix Sky Harbor.

To determine if Anthem Shuttle is a right fit for you and your travel needs please visit www.anthemshuttle.com. Complete the online quote form to determine approximate rate, description of services along with DISCOUNT CODES which can be used when booking online or via our mobile app.

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