Anthem Shuttle LLC vs Super Shuttle in Phoenix AZ.

Anthem Shuttle is hoping you’ll book with them the next time you need reliable and affordable transportation to Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport from your home, hotel or office. Anthem Shuttle is locally owned and operates within 40 miles of Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport. Anthem Shuttle operates their shared ride service a little different than Super Shuttle.

Anthem Shuttle will pick you up in a sedan or suv rather than a blue van. Anthem Shuttle believes the sedan or suv will be a much more comfortable ride compared to a passenger van. You can rest assured when riding with Anthem Shuttle you will not make more than 2 stops if any. You will only have 2-3 other passengers in the suv with you. Anthem Shuttle does not allow drivers or passengers to smoke while in the shuttle or while entering the shuttle.

Anthem Shuttle rates are very comparable to Super Shuttle. Typically Anthem Shuttle’s rate to/from Phoenix SKy Harbor are $5-$10 more than Super Shuttle. Anthem Shuttle stated the fact that your pick up window will be 10-15 minutes vs 1-3 hours with Super Shuttle and the fact you’ll arrive from point A to point B within the normal drive time minus multiple stops will entice passengers to pay slightly more.

So the next time you book a flight into or out of Phoenix Sky Harbor book your pick up at the same time at or by installing their user friendly app by searching Anthem Shuttle from your mobile device’s app store. The owner and President Art Thompson wants you to know you can still call or email to make your bookings.