Airport Transportation to Local Phoenix Hotels

by | Sep 29, 2017 | Airport Transportation, Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport

Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport is located at 3400 E Sky Harbor Blvd, Phoenix, AZ 85034. The location is at the far East side of Phoenix, far West side of Tempe, just South of Paradise Valley and Scottsdale AZ. I guess you could say it is centrally located in the Valley of the Sun.

Phoenix Sky Harbor offers many forms of ground transportation for the traveler who is arriving into Phoenix or exiting Phoenix.

You have shuttle services like Anthem Shuttle who provide private pick up and drop off along with share ride service where you actually share a ride from your pick up location to your destination. the shared ride is more economically priced but is obviously slightly more inconvenient. Anthem Shuttle is locally owned. With a locally owned service you are more than a person in a seat. Anthem Shuttle wants to gain your trust for future needs.

You have the traditional taxi service. Taxi services by nature try to work as many pick up and drop offs as possible. Vehicles are not as clean and the drivers aren’t and welcoming.

You have shuttle that operate out of the area. This means they travel outside the metropolitan area. They travel from Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport to cities such as Yuma, Prescott, Flagstaff, Tucson and Sedona. You will generally be in a van type vehicle with up to 15 other passengers. Very economical but not very comfy.

Anthem Shuttle picks passengers up at the home or hotel when traveling to the airport and at specific locations once you arrive into Phoenix Sky Harbor.

Terminal 4 Anthem Shuttle pick up location is outside door 3 North from the baggage claim area across the crosswalk to the outer median occupied by commercial vehicles. Onc on the median you’ll see 3 benches just to your right. Your driver will pull up and off you go.

Terminal 3 Anthem Shuttle pick up location is outside door 9 North from the baggage claim area. Like at terminal 4 you’ll also walk across the crosswalk to the outer median. You’ll stay slightly to your right just in front of the taxi cabs. Your vehicle will pull up to that area.

Terminal 2 Anthem Shuttle will mostly meet you inside the terminal at the baggage claim area. Terminal 2 is the smallest of the 3 terminals and extremely easy to find your driver.

To reserve a ride with Anthem Shuttle please go to or call 480-251-2967. Anthem Shuttle also has a mobile app for app users. Search Anthem Shuttle from your app store. Look for the red white and blue star logo. Install, create an account and schedule your ride.

Until next time, have a safe flight and please allow Anthem Shuttle to provide you with safe travels once on the ground.