If you’re looking for transportation option from your home or hotel to Phoenix SKy Harbor Airport you have several choices. Choices are broken down between RELIABILITY, SAFETY, COST and RATING.

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For the past 6 years, Anthem Shuttle has been providing reliable, discount airport transportation services to and from local airports in the Phoenix AZ area. and, more recently we added a shared ride option for the budget conscious airport traveler. Anthem Shuttle is your option between public transit, uber/lyft, taxi cabs and executive ar pricing.

While prices vary based on your mileage and travel time from your desired airport, Anthem Shuttle would like to give you an example of the typical cost for a ride to the airport from one of our most highly-trafficked area of maricopa County, Anthem AZ.

To keep things even, we’ve chosen a pick-up location at random, and we’ll run the cost of a single-rider trip. The pick-up location is the popular Hampton Inn located in Anthem AZ, the major airport drop-off will be Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport.

At a glance, here’s how pricing breaks down. Read on for more details on fare quotes and variations.

Public Transit

Unfortunately Public Transit isn’t valley wide. The Anthem AZ area or North Phoenix area is approximately 35 miles or 40 minutes from Phoenix Sky Harbor. You would need to have a friend drive you to the Park and ride on Happy Valley rd to take Public Transit.

Estimated Cost: UNAVAILABLE

Pros: Doesn’t operate this area, no benefit

Cons: Loading and unloading of luggage; dependent on local public transit operating hours and timeliness, including the risk of strike, and more cushion time is needed to arrive at the airport on time.

Anthem Shuttle Shared Ride Option

By entering the pick-up and drop-off points into our fare quote tool, it looks like the cost of a trip back to the airport for 1-2 passenger is $75.

Estimated Cost: $70-80 USD including tip. 

Pros: Affordable, Reliable, Safe

Cons: Anthem Shuttle eliminates the cons. Anthem Shuttle only allow 1 additional stop prior to arriving at the airport. .

Taxi Cab

According to Taxi Fare Finder, the estimated fare for this 36-mile trek is $82.33, or $83.70 and $89.67 based on light or heavy traffic. Gratuity is not added.

Estimated Cost: $82.33 USD without tip.

Pros: Direct transportation to and from.

Cons: Higher cost and reliance on cab availability, variable pricing dependent on traffic.

Uber/Lyft x-xl-select-black-suv

Uber and Lyft have several options. Uber x is the least expensive but has the lowest rating. Drivers are typically not professional drivers and are only working the system part time. Same goes for xl and select drivers. Rate from Anthem AZ range between $56 for uber x – $79 for Uber xl – $99 for Uber select – $135 Uber black and as high as $180 for Uber suv.

Estimated Cost: $56 USD without tip.

Pros: Direct transportation to and from. Flat rate, not dependent on traffic conditions. Luxury sedan and service.

Cons: Uber drivers and vehicles have a star rating below 3. Be prepared for a vehicle in which the driver may be wearing headphones and not pay attention to you, may be or have recently smoked in or around the vehicle. Drivers understand you probably never ride with them again so they do not go out of their way to impress.


As you can see,ANTHEM SHUTTLE pricing in this market is the most cost effective of either a cab or a sedan. Occasionally, we are even cheaper than public transportation options. When you factor in the stress of hauling luggage around or the limited hours of operations of many public bus and rail lines, it means you’re saving more than just a couple of dollars, you’re saving stress.

Just as there are some cases where we are cheaper than public transportation, there are some cases where our shared-ride service is less than a cab.

Finally, even though we are technically a discount transportation option by default we can also provide executive style accomodations for a slightly higher rate than our Shared Ride Option but less than the Phoenix Market for executive black car services